BEWARE: the information above is OUTDATED!

Ubuntu HTML5 Theme is a collection of CSS and Javascript files, matching the QML themes from the Ubuntu Touch SDK. This page is a reference documentation of the widgets available on Ubuntu HTML5. Further information and examples can be found on my blog series.

Developer documentation


  • PhoneGap
  • Apache Cordova
  • Ubuntu HTML5
  • Development setup
    • Nginx
    • QtCreator
    • Netbeans
    • Eclipse
  • Debugging with chromium
  • Packaging for Ubuntu Touch
  • Packaging for Android
  • Packaging for FirefoxOS
  • Packaging for Tizen
  • Deploying for the Web

    Further themes

  • localstorage
  • WebSQL
  • IndexedDB
  • U1db synchronization
  • FastButton