Ubuntu App Showdown: New name: RamSamSam Reader

The RSS Reader app got several suggestions. I want to thank everyone. The new name of the app is RamSamSam Reader .

Ram Sam Sam is a popular children song originated from marocco. Its initials are RSS. Furthermore, my three-years-old son loves this song ;-)

Here now a small update on the progress beeing made:

Progress: Adding RSS Feeds

There is now a button and a dialog box to add RSS Urls:



Feed articles viewer

Feed articles can be viewed inside the app without opening an external browser: feedEntryView

Viewing the original article in the webbrowser is possible by clicking on the article title.

Persisting feeds

Feeds are persisted in the local storade and restored from there when the application starts.

Source code!

Last but not least, the source code of the RamSamSam Reader can be accessed on its project page on Gitorious!

Written on August 18, 2013