Green Mahjong version 1.0 released

We are thrilled to announce that Green Mahjong version 1.0 just hit ubuntu click store! This version introduces important bug fixes and some nice visual improvements.

Green Mahjong High Resolution

From now on, two versions of Green Mahjong exist in the click store:

  • Green Mahjong for smartphones and small tablets
  • Green Mahjong High Resolution for tablets with a screen bigger that 8 inch

Here are two screenshots comparing both versions:

High resolution


Low resolution


Visual improvements

The tiles got many small improvements.

  • We introduced colors to more easily identify matching tiles.
  • The tiles are a little bit wider. This should make them easier to select.

Here is the result of our efforts: mahjong_bigscreen

Try out the game online

To open the game, click here: Green Mahjong.

Written on April 7, 2014