Green Mahjong 2.1 released!

Green Mahjong 2.1 was released. This release brings many improvements: a point and achievement system, better usability thanks to an improved menu UI and many speed improvements. Read the details below!

New layouts

We added two board layouts: bug and four hills:

Greenmahjong: new themes

Game statistics, points and achievement system

Green Mahjong 2.1 introduces points. Solving a board gives you a bonus. There is also a time bonus for solving a game under 8 minutes. Points and achievements are shown at the end of a game:

Greenmahjong: game statistics

New menu

The old menu appeared and disappeared when the player touched the background. This maximized the available screen estate, which is a nice thing since there is not a lot of space available on a phone. However, sometimes it also got in the way while playing.

The new game menu is much more userfriendly and doesn't cost much more screen estate:

Greenmahjong hints: before/after

Improved visuals: hints

The improved hint function is much faster on slower devices. It also looks better. In the preceding version, we used CSS filters to grey out the blocked tiles. We now hand created grey tiles. IMO, the result looks much better and can be discerned more clearly:

Greenmahjong hints: before/after

Many speed improvements on old devices

Last but not least, we improved the speed of the game which should preserve battery life:

In particular, version 2.1 hast the following optimizations:

  • much less dom manipulations
  • hints are realized with sprites instead of CSS filter

The game can be played in the browser, too: Play Green Mahjong in the webbrowser!.

Have fun and review us in your favorite app store if you like the game!

Written on August 31, 2014