Green Mahjong 1.1 released

Green Mahjong 1.1 was released today. The changes are numerous. Version 1.1 fixes many bugs, is themable, has an adaptive resolution (convergence) and is much faster.

"A picture is worth a thousand words". Here is the screenshot of the new theme "fruits": GreenMahjongFruits

And here a screenshot of the theme "classic":


Here is the detailed changelog:

  • On Ubuntu Touch, Oxyde is used instead of Webkit/Ubuntu Cordova. This fixes a problem in version 1.0 where the game was only displayed in the upper quarter of the screen.
  • Green Mahjong chooses the highest resolution game sprites possible for the used screen size. Four different sprite resolutions are available. Thus, everythink looks nice on the desktop, on a 10 inch tablet and on smaller smartphones. This even works at runtime, e.g. when resizing the browser on a desktop computer!
  • Because of the adaptive resolution, the app "Green Mahjong High Resolution" is not needed anymore in the Ubuntu Click store and was removed
  • Themes! Two different theme sets are delivered: classic and fruits.
  • a big performance boost: version 1.0 used CSS3 shadows to archieve a more enjoyable look. However, CSS shadows are very slow and drawing the game quite slow. We archieved a 20x performance boost by predrawing the shadows as PNG pictures.
  • new background pictures
  • a new nice looking menu toolbar
  • a new game icon
  • the artwork is released under the creative common non commercial license

Here is the link to the project Git repository:

We release the game tiles under the CC BY-NC license. Here is the link: SVG tiles.

Finally, the game can be tried out in the browser, too: Green Mahjong

Have fun!

Written on May 25, 2014