Ubuntu App Showdown: New Name: RamSamSam Reader. Code on Gitorious

New Name: RamSamSam Reader

I was looking for a new name for the RSS Feed Reader app I’m developing for the Ubuntu App Showdown.

I received several suggestions and I want to thank everyone for that.

The new name of the RSS Feed Reader will be: “RamSamSam Reader”. Ram Sam Sam is a popular children song originated from marocco. Its initials are RSS. Furthermore, my three-years-old son loves this song – and this is what made my decision!

New Feature: Adding RSS Feeds

I made further progress on RamSamSam. There is now a button to add new RSS feeds.

Pushing that button opens a dialog to enter the adress of a new RSS feed.

Feed articles viewer

Feed articles can be viewed in RamSamSam Reader (i.e. without opening a browser).
Here is a screenshot of how this looks like:

I will make layout changes to the article view in a later version of the software.

Note that it is still possible to view the original article in the browser by clickling on the title of the article.

New Feature: local storage

At each start, RamSamSam Reader first checks its local storage and restores its list of feeds. So, whenever the user shutdowns its handset, his feeds won’t be lost.

Source code!

Last but not least, the source code of the RamSamSam Reader can be accessed on its project page on Gitorious!

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