Ubuntu App Showdown: Name suggestions for the RSS Feed application

Since I want to put the code of the RSS feed application on launchpad, I’m looking for a name for the application.

The RSS feed reader application will be focused on the needs of power users who read and organize lots of feeds. It will offer the possibility to synchronize the read feed entries with other devices with the help of cloud-services. The amount of data saved in cloud-services will be transparent and configurable by the user.

Here are some ideas I had for the name:

  • RSS is dead (long live RSS)
  • RSS is back!
  • Feed the Alligator
  • FeedDiscovery
  • RebootRss
  • NewsSync
  • ReadyToFeed

Do you have any suggestions?



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One thought on “Ubuntu App Showdown: Name suggestions for the RSS Feed application

  1. My suggestion would be to use a single, catchy name instead of a sentence. Perhaps using a word that contains RSS. Perhaps e.g. ReSSonate (I know it might not be the best example, but you get the picture :)

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