Ubuntu App Showdown: display orientation, screen resolution

Since I’m using HTML5 instead of QML, one of the challenges is make the RSS feed reader behave like a native application. One such challenge is to make the application adapt to orientation an screen size.

My RSS feed reader displays feeds differently depending on the handheld and how the handheld is held.

If the user uses a smartphone in portrait mode, the RSS feed reader looks like that:

Landscape mode smartphone

Landscape mode smartphone

If he uses his smartphone in landscape mode, the application reacts to this and displays two columns:

Smartphone - landscape mode

Smartphone – landscape mode

Finally, on handhelds having a resolution higher as 480px, the RSS feed reader looks like that:

Tablet mode

Tablet mode

The user will have the possibility to configure (and so overwrite the default behavior) in a later version of the software.

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